Real Estate

PIXEL360 offers a total package of professional image material that significantly enhances the attractiveness of your premises. What's more, 360° Virtual Tours enables potential customers to get an immediate, realistic picture of your property or project. In addition, as a real estate agent, you are relieved of the time-consuming task of providing the images yourself. Sales figures will increase noticeably.


With an interactive Virtual Tour you can offer a new experience to your customers to discover your showroom from any distance at any time. Moreover, PIXEL360 allows you to keep the Virtual Tour up to date according to your needs.

Company visit

Do you want to give your customers the opportunity to virtually visit your company any time of the day? Then this is possible with the Virtual Tour of Pixel360. With this Virtual Tour, the customer can take a virtual walk through your company and get extra information that is not possible in other ways.  


With a 360° Virtual Tour from Pixel36O you give your customers the opportunity to visit the location in advance at any time of the day. With this you show transparency towards the customer and the customer can better estimate what they are booking for. In this way, you distance yourself from other hotels and B&B's and increase your occupancy rate throughout the year.

PIXEL360 maakte een mooie virtual tour voor Vakantiehuis Hof te Voorde. Zo kunnen onze gasten vooraf al het huis en de tuin verkennen en weten ze perfect wat ze mogen verwachten. Snelle en heel correcte service! Duidelijk communicatie. Pixel 360 is een aanrader! 👌 

Hof Te Voorde